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Archive for June 2015

Cash and Cash

In this podcast of the P. Allen Smith Radio Show we’ll discuss two Arkansas treasures – Johnny Cash’s childhood home and the Arkansas 529 college savings plan.

Dr. Elista Istre, the on-site manager for the recently renovated Dyess Colony heritage site, gives us a tour of the property and insights on what it was like to live in the region during that time.

Beth Anne Rankin, the Executive Director of the GIFT Arkansas 529 College Investment Plan talks about how you can save money for your child’s college tuition with a tax-advantage savings plan.

Personal Garden Coach writer Christina Salwitz is interviewed by Rick Bickling from How Do Gardener.


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Preparing for Summer

We’re getting ready for summer at Moss Mountain Farm. Today we are joined in the studio by Laurie Harrison, owner of Le Pops Gourmet Iced Lollies. We’ll also talk about planting summer flowers and foliage that grow from bulbs such as elephant ears and dahlias.

New Voices
Hydroponic farmer and the blogger of FarmerTyler.com, Tyler Baras, interviews Brenda Haas, the blogger of BrenHaas.com, which focuses on creative living and growing.


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